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Know Your Whiskey: The Difference between Bourbon, Scotch, Rye and Irish

If you have tasted bourbon, Scotch, Rye and Irish alcoholic beverages then you may already know the difference between these liquors. If not, then follow our guide to enjoying these different alcoholic beverages:

  • Bourbon is whiskey that has been distilled from corn mash. The result is smooth, strong and very unique blend of flavor that you will savor drop after drop.
  • Scotch whiskey is specially brewed in Scotland. Scotch is also expertly brewed from malted barley. A prominent law in Scotland protects the production of Scotch; the law prohibits the use of additives or chemicals and it only allows Scotch whiskey to be brewed in oak barrels with a specific capacity.
  • Rye is a whiskey that is distilled from a rye mash. The flavor is distinct and very strong which is why it is preferred by whiskey drinkers who love a strong blend
  • Irish whiskey is a type of whiskey that is brewed and distilled from Ireland.

There may be a kind of whiskey that you are quite fond of or you most certainly enjoy more than any other types. A true whiskey drinker tries each one type to be able to find the best for his distinguished taste. Drinking whiskey is not merely drinking with friends or enjoying your favorite blend but it is all about savoring the flavor and the delicious crisply brewed malt and getting an idea on the best type for any kind of occasion.

There is only one way to enjoy whiskey on the other hand and that is to use a glass made just for drinking flavorful liquor. A glass with a narrow opening is the ideal drinking instrument; this allows flavors to gather on the edge of the drink and to slowly settle on your senses just before you take the first sip. Most who admire the different types of whiskies agree that savoring the taste and the smell of whisky is a must for each kind so take time to sniff before you sip and guaranteed that you will taste the best whiskey every time.

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