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5 Things You Need to Know About Scotch

So you think you know what Scotch is? There are some things that you may have never realized about Scotch; you may have never remembered your first Scotch whisky but you will certainly agree that there is so much to this drink that you may have never thought of. Here are some of them:

  1. Not all whisky is Scotch although all Scotch is whisky – whisky made from Scotland is legally called Scotch whisky. This term is used to protect fine whisky made only from Scotland. According to Scottish law, Scotch whisky has to be distilled and stored in oak barrels for three years. There are other varieties of whisky; there are Japanese and Irish whiskies that are brewed with single malts.
  2. Old whisky does not mean it’s better – in the case of whisky, the maturation of the drink is what matters; it does not mean that the older the brew the better it tastes. And when it comes to maturing Scotch only the best casks will do; the better the wood that the casks are made of, the smoother and delectable the flavor would be.
  3. Is there a suitable glass to drink Scotch whisky from? – according to experts, Scotch that is drank from a tulip-shaped or a glass that allows vapors of the Scotch to move up is the best way to drink it. Appreciate the flavor first so you can fill your senses with delicious aroma before you take a sip.
  4. How to drink Scotch? – together with friends of course! But if you want to savor the flavor, take a small sip, chew the liquid or keep it in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Taking a deep breath before you sip will also improve the flavor.
  5. To add water or ice? – both will actually create a chemical reaction that will push the heavier alcohol and allow the light ones to surface. Water and ice will also dilute the Scotch. But of course drinking Scotch whisky will all depend on your personal preference in the end.

Do Beer Koozies Work?

Beer koozies may also be called beer sleeves or beer huggers and the main purpose of koozies is to keep beer cans and botttles cold. They should come in handy for the new beer batch How do they keep your drinks cold then?

The secret to a koozie is the material as I found out from Express ImprintIt’s is made of a thick material which helps keep the temperature of the koozie-252x300drink. Initially koozies were made of thick foam which was the only popular insulating material. Nowadays there are more types of materials that can keep drinks cold or even warm. Neoprene is one type of material that will keep the temperature of drinks. Neoprene is noticeably thin but it can insulate anything. It can keep cold drinks ice cold and warm drinks hot.

Koozie is a trademark of Norwood Promotional Products; this was however originally owned by Texas Company, Radio Cap Corporation or RCC which was registered in 1980. This registration lapsed in 2001 and when Norwood brought RCC in 1989 the product was re-registered in February 2004.

Beer koozies have been a novelty item for beer drinkers all over the world. When it was first invented in the 80s the designer concentrated on developing a product for beer cans which was of course the market for koozies those days. But as time passed by, the lowly beer sleeve has become not just a sleeve for the most popular beverage in the world but also as a marketing icon.

You can spot all sorts of can coolers for all kinds of products. There are koozies made for standard beer cans while there are also for tall and large beer bottles. You may also find koozies for hot beverages like coffee, tea and milk. You can also find can huggers that will fit a large bottle of wine or a bottle of beer. And if you are looking for one-of-a-kind collectible ones, there are also sleeves that are tailor made for any occasion. There are wedding koozies, for businesses and for sporting events. Name the event or occasion and there is a koozie that will surely meet your needs.

Available online or you may order from offline distributors. There are so many online businesses that are dedicated to making souvenirs out of koozies and if you are looking for the best corporate, wedding or party souvenir that will please your guests, fit your budget and stay in style, then a can koozie is the best choice for you.

5 Things You Need to Know About Beer

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to man. The ancient Babylonians beer-bottles-292x300were the first ones to brew beer. These ancient folks took beer brewing so seriously that if you brewed a “bad” batch the punishment for creating this is death by drowning, in beer that you have created! Here are more fun and unbelievable things you need to know about beer:

  1. Do you know that history is full of beer experiences and possibly the most significant is that the pilgrims on the Mayflower discontinued their quest to Virginia and had to stop at Plymouth Rock? Apparently the pilgrims have run out of beer.
  2. Beer does not just make you happy but it could also cause a disaster. In 1814 a brewery in London was responsible for 9 deaths and two houses demolished to the ground. A large beer brewery tank gave way causing about 3,500 barrels of beer pouring into the streets of London Parish.
  3. There is a better way to store beer. For beer bottles, store the beer upright to reduce oxidation and contamination of the cap. Therefore, beer will taste better when beer is stored upright in the fridge.
  4. Beer falls into two categories: ales and lagers. Ales are products of yeast fermenting at higher temperatures causing it to stay on the surface of the brew. You may have tasted Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Blonde, IPA, Amber, Belgian Ale and Hefeweizen which are all ales. Lagers on the other hand are beers that have been fermented in lower temperatures and hence do not float on the surface of the brew. Pilsner, Helles, Doppelbok and Dunket are the most popular ales that you may have tasted before.
  5. Do you know that some beer drinkers suffer from what is called cenosillicaphobia or the fear of an empty glass? This may be the reason why most beer drinkers drink till they drop! But then, not all beer drinkers are the same; so take time to enjoy beer since it took time to brew as well!

Know Your Whiskey: The Difference between Bourbon, Scotch, Rye and Irish

If you have tasted bourbon, Scotch, Rye and Irish alcoholic beverages then you may already know the difference between these liquors. If not, then follow our guide to enjoying these different alcoholic beverages:

  • Bourbon is whiskey that has been distilled from corn mash. The result is smooth, strong and very unique blend of flavor that you will savor drop after drop.
  • Scotch whiskey is specially brewed in Scotland. Scotch is also expertly brewed from malted barley. A prominent law in Scotland protects the production of Scotch; the law prohibits the use of additives or chemicals and it only allows Scotch whiskey to be brewed in oak barrels with a specific capacity.
  • Rye is a whiskey that is distilled from a rye mash. The flavor is distinct and very strong which is why it is preferred by whiskey drinkers who love a strong blend
  • Irish whiskey is a type of whiskey that is brewed and distilled from Ireland.

There may be a kind of whiskey that you are quite fond of or you most certainly enjoy more than any other types. A true whiskey drinker tries each one type to be able to find the best for his distinguished taste. Drinking whiskey is not merely drinking with friends or enjoying your favorite blend but it is all about savoring the flavor and the delicious crisply brewed malt and getting an idea on the best type for any kind of occasion.

There is only one way to enjoy whiskey on the other hand and that is to use a glass made just for drinking flavorful liquor. A glass with a narrow opening is the ideal drinking instrument; this allows flavors to gather on the edge of the drink and to slowly settle on your senses just before you take the first sip. Most who admire the different types of whiskies agree that savoring the taste and the smell of whisky is a must for each kind so take time to sniff before you sip and guaranteed that you will taste the best whiskey every time.

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